Magazines for Kids

If your children loved Manny the Lamb, here are three Christian magazines your children may also love. (Please note that even though some of my stories have been published in two of these magazines, I don’t work for any of the publications. I just love to tell people how wonderful they are!)

Focus on the Family Clubhouse, Jr. (for boys and girls ages 3-7) –
Faith-filled, fun magazine that features creative stories (fiction-, Bible-, rebus-, choose-your-own-adventure), fascinating articles, puzzles, activities, and craft ideas designed to inspire, entertain, and teach children Christian values.
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Focus on the Family Clubhouse (for boys and girls ages 8-12) – Features exciting fiction (contemporary, historical [about great Christians or Christians who lived during great times], multicultural, science, mystery, choose-your-own-adventure), personality stories, quizzes, crafts, and how-to articles designed for boys and girls who desire to know more about God and the Bible.
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Pockets (Published by The Upper Room, for boys and girls ages 8-12) – Offers wholesome devotional readings that teach about God’s love and presence in life. Features fiction, scripture stories, biographical sketches of Christians (famous and unknown) whose lives reflect their Christian commitment and values, puzzles/games, poems, recipes, and activities.
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